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Route du Lac 3, 1094 Paudex Switzerland
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Welcome to Flexim


As one of the most innovative companies in the field of facility management, Flexim is also recognized to be one of  most agile, flexible and reliable.

Our name encompasses our uniqueness : we are Flexim

With a view to increase profitability and quality of services, our clients seek to concentrate on their core activity and allocate most of their resources accordingly. Flexim will assume responsibility for the management and coordination of the support services on behalf of its client and in its best interests, through a commitment to qualitative and quantitative results in terms of service provision.

The essence of Facility Management

Free up resources in favour of increased focus on clients’ strategic activities

Reduce operating costs whilst gaining a consolidated financial overview with a consistent control mechanism

Obtain maximum flexibility and professionalism in the support services

Transfer liability of risks (technology, financial, industrial, etc.) to an external service provider